Just what is a Stealth Candidate — and just How Can You Avoid being One?

Can you feel like obtaining college is simply a (never-ending) variety of bins that require verifying? That is not not even close to are accurate! Nevertheless, I’ve found frequently that students disregard one essential field that isn’t explicitly presented on a old-fashioned application: demonstrated interest. This can be the key that ensures that you don’t become a “stealth” prospect.

Demonstrated interest was, well, almost that which you’d expect: Providing measurable evidence to exhibit school their interest in going to. Some students believe that publishing a loan application is enough to show that interest. News flash: it isn’t anymore! Schools wanna select prospects just who push probably the most for their campus, and it is no real surprise that those youngsters tend to be the candidates who will be thrilled about as a section of it. By comparison, stealth candidates become youngsters who may have that pleasure but try not to allow it to show.

You dont want to miss out on getting into your perfect class just because somebody was additional wanting to grab an area on the class lineup. Here are a few methods for you to show their interest and prevent becoming a stealth applicant.

Feel A visitor that is active on

You created their directory of schools and planned your own campus visits — that’s great! While there are lots of strategies to make the most of your campus consult, it Continue Reading “”

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